Whole Home Renovations

While many contractors can handle the task of renovating a few rooms, it’s not easy to find a builder who has the creative scope and expertise needed to renovate your entire home. And when you add in the challenge of remodeling every square inch in a high end residence, you’ll need the best of the best to get the job done right. Here at Howell Builders, we know what it takes to renovate your luxury home with a cohesive design that complements your lifestyle. When you work with someone as dedicated as Allan Howell and his handpicked team of the home building industry’s best, you’re guaranteed that your remodeling vision will manifest into exactly how you imagined it.

Complete Home Remodeling From Top To Bottom

Your home is your castle, so it should be fitted with all the amenities, extra space, and design choices that you desire. Whether your property’s look is starting to feel stale or you’d like to modernize your old home with all the conveniences of today’s world, a whole house renovation is a great way to recreate your home without the roadblocks you’d encounter in a custom building project.

With over 40 years of high end building experience, we know exactly what it takes to remodel a property that continuously satisfies over a lifetime. No matter how extensive your plans are, we’ll leverage our knowledge, resources, and expertise to completely transform your house into a place that you’re proud to call home for years to come.

Remodel Your Home Exactly How You See Fit

Whole home renovations are a great time to outfit your residence with everything you need to make life easier and more enjoyable. At Howell Builders, our complete remodeling services include the choice to change your home’s function, form, and layout. Whether you want to tear down a wall to create more open space, add extra rooms, or just want to increase total energy performance, we can do all of this and more. Since we are laser focused on our clients, we’re able to think ahead, solve issues before they come up, guarantee impeccable construction, and ensure that every little detail awes and inspires no matter how high your expectations are.

Proven Results

The most important aspect of complete home remodeling is to plan everything carefully for a hassle free experience – not just for us, but for our clients first and foremost. Before we begin any work, we’ll start with an initial consultation to gain a sense of your renovation needs and priorities. From there, we’ll draw up plans for the design and finalize the draft for construction.

Once we’re ready to begin your renovations, we’ll acquire any necessary permits, operate completely within your local codes, and keep you informed of the latest updates. We understand that our clients are busy people and lead lives of their own, so we’ll plan everything out to best match your own schedule.

At Howell Builders, our clients’ satisfaction comes first. In order to make sure that every client’s project meets and exceeds their goals, Allan only works on a select few projects a year and selects only the best crew for the job that shares his high standards.

Transform Your Home Into Your Dream Home

Choosing to tackle a whole home renovation project for your esteemed residence can be a daunting task. Thankfully, all of your worries and more end right here with Howell Builders by your side. Because of our extensive experience of constructing and remodeling some of the finest homes in South Carolina we know all the ins and outs of tackling a whole home renovation project.

When you choose to work with us, we’ll treat your project with all of the care and attention it deserves. If you’re planning on remodeling your house from top to bottom and share the same love for elegant craftsmanship as we do, contact us today to learn more!

Let Us Bring Your Vision To Life…