Howell Builders has always admired the enduring beauty of fine old homes. Such strong refinement can only come from a builder’s devotion to the smallest details. Many people who value this quality believed the craftsmanship that makes it possible had vanished.

Allan Howell has spent his working life respecting the grand houses of the past, looking to see why their elegance has survived and how new construction can advance that tradition. Equally at home with both traditional and contemporary designs, he has worked hands-on to incorporate the best of the past and add modern elements that make his houses even more satisfying to live in.

Howell Builders turns the visions of clients, as interpreted through the skill of architects and designers, into solid reality, with lines that are crisp and true, corners precisely finished and curves gracefully balanced.

Crafting a house, and not just assembling one, takes time and scrupulous attention to every specification. It means limiting projects to just two or three a year in order to listen to each client and shape the sort of house that will continue to satisfy over a lifetime. It means building a mutual bond of pride and responsibility.

Howell Builders is ready to serve people who share its respect for craftsmanship and its belief that faithfulness in every detail makes a home uniquely beautiful and truly livable.

Howell Builders - Custom Builders Beaufort, Hilton Head, Kiawah, Charleston
Howell Builders - Custom Builders Beaufort, Hilton Head, Kiawah, Charleston

“Allan is an exceptional builder. His attention to detail makes the difference between a good house and a great house. Construction goes smoothly with Allan because he is thinking ahead and solving any issues before they become problems.”

Jane Frederick, FAIA
Frederick + Frederick Architects
Beaufort, SC

“Although we architects presumably design things and the contractors build them, invariably there will be something that requires on-site judgment.  Allan Howell has terrific instinct for the design and balance of things and the order of assembly.  When those field judgments have to be made, we know that most of the time, if not all of the time, his decisions will be as good as ours.

He has also assembled a group of craftsmen that really are the best. There’s no question about the level of quality you’re going to get when you have the Howell team on your project.”

Richard Molten
Molten-Lamar Architects
Columbia, SC

“I believe of all the builders I’ve worked with, Allan Howell pays the most attention to details. He doesn’t wait for someone else to find or solve problems. He brings things to your attention to improve the project.

His quality control is more vigorous than anyone else I have known. I’ve witnessed what happens when something doesn’t meet his high standards. Allan rips out whatever he believes isn’t as good as it should be and starts over before you even get there!

He also seems to have a very good feel for what looks good. There are all kinds of ways for the details to be put together, but he seems to have a special instinct for the way that will look the best.”

He always uses the best quality materials available.  When Allan builds a house, he builds it to last a long time and to have an outstanding appearance over that lifetime.”

Mark Cotterill
Grimball-Cotterill and Associates
Landscape Architects, Columbia, SC

“Allan is a great person and a real good professional builders. He’s done an excellent job on our projects and we look forward to working with him on future projects.”

Rick Clanton
Group 3 Architects

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